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Replacements [Aug. 17th, 2007|10:47 pm]
~*Organized Rambles*~ Fanfiction Page


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Title: Replacements
Author: darkfire_blade aka Hellsfirescythe
Fandom: TF: RiD
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Wedge, Sideburn (could be slash if you squint)
Notes: An entirely whimsical piece. More of a ficbit than anything real fully written out. So rough, it's like sandpaper.

The world had exploded in a flash of searing light.

The first thing that Wedge caught with his rebooting visual sensors was the sight of his team hovering over him, concerned looks plastered over all of their faces; their backdrop the medbay of the Autobot base. On a second pass, Wedge could have sworn that those looks of concern were actually looks of unabashed amusement. Nothing was for sure though, his field of vision was still fuzzy and fritzing and everything felt...off.

Heavy Load's lips were moving, but it took a few moments for Wedge to actually remember to activate his audios. "--ments feeling okay, Wedge?"

"Wha?" was Wedge's intelligent answer. He made to push himself up, but three pairs of hands prodded him back down.

"Whoa there, take it easy. You gave us a scare not too long ago," rumbled Heavy Load's voice, accompagnied by the dump trucks customary lopsided grin.

"Try not to do anything stupid," Hightower said bluntly. "Or rash," tacked on Grimlock. The former with an attempt at a smirk and the latter with an indulgent smile.

Wedge slowly nodded and pushed himself up as the hands eased up on their pressure. It was decidely odd. He reached up to scratch at one cheek seam and and froze when his arm met empty air where it usually met the solid bulk of his cab. A burst of cycled air rushed out of unfamiliar filters, only adding to Wedge's growing confusion. What's wrong? The feeling of concern that had been simmering on his teammates' ends to their links spiked, kicking into his panicky feedback cycle.

Even as he desperately pushed himself off of the medical slab, Wedge noticed very clearly how unfamiliarly light his movements were. His steps were loud and jerky as he supplied way too much force for a body that previously had much more mass. Wedge could hear the clatter of footsteps behind him as his team followed his reckless charge.

"Wha-what happened?!"

Wedge's outraged cry could probably be heard half-way around the base. A hand, Hightower's, clamped firmly down over his mouth, muffling any further sounds. The red crane-former's expression mildly amused and irritated. "That was a stupid move, kid. You're supposed to be recuperating in your berth for at least a few more mega-cycles."

There was a moment of silence as Wedge's harried glances alternated between Hightower's half frown, Heavy Load's lip gnawing, Grimlock's easy expression, and then his own reflection in the window of the medbay.

Heavy Load's placating voice broke the shocked silence. "Now, Wedge. This will only be temporary until T-AI gets ahold of the necessary parts to repair your old body--"

"What happened to my old body?!" cried Wedge, ripping himself from Hightower's grasp. The feeling of door panels stiffening at his sides at his rising anxiety was not helping things. Door panels! He didn't HAVE door panels, or he didn't used to. When Heavy Load's hand came down on his shoulders in a comforting gesture, it only served to show Wedge of how much more different this body was. Tires! Honest to goodness tires! One of the said objects now rested awkwardly under his teammate's hand.

"Wedge, you took a direct hit from Ruination's cannons," Grimlock stated simply. The fact that it was unfortunately the young team leader's fault for so recklessly charging the combiner was left unsaid, but clearly remembered. Wedge's confusion trailed off slightly and everything finally slowed down to normal. Door panels fell back into their original position at his sides and Wedge trudged slowly to the large window. The impact of seeing a predominantly red car-former staring back at him still hadn't lessened any.

"Look on the bright side, Wedge. Optimus is giving the team leave until you're back to normal," said Heavy Load, his customary cheer injected liberally into his voice.

It was enough to catch Wedge's attention and the young Buildbot wheeled back around to stare. "Y-you're serious?!"

"Well, we can't really go on building Space Bridges without you and Landfill will be pretty much non-existant with you in that body. So, a break is a nice thing to get."

Before Wedge could let out a hoot of excitement, Hightower interrupted, a frown tugging at his lips. "There's a catch though."

"Catch?" Wedge echoed, elation slightly dampened.

The catch was something Wedge could deal with. Or rather, it was something he'd have to deal with. No confrontation allowed at all with Decepticons or Predacons. His team promised Optimus that they'd haul back to base at any sign of danger.

So here he was, racing along empty coast-side roads with his teammates left behind (as they were lounging quite contentedly on the beach). Okay, so maybe this body wasn't so bad. Sure, transforming felt...odd to say the least. But makers above, the thought of going so fast had never been so fun! The open road was literally singing beneath his tires. It was just him, the road, and the sun shining down on his shiny red new chassis...or perhaps not. Wedge slowed a bit as he heard the roar of an accelerating engine coming up quickly behind him.

A rather recognizable blue hotrod was showing up on his optical sensors. "Hey Si--"

"Why hello there, good looking. I can't believe I haven't seen you on the roads before~" says Sideburn, sidling easily up to Wedge's side. "That white ragtop is just gorgeous, if I don't say so myself."


"And those curves? Boy!"

Wedge was officially weirded out. He had heard about Sideburn's strange obsession, he's never had a chance to witness it, and he definitely never been on the receiving end of it. Maybe if he just sped up a bit...

"Oh, you're a racer now aren't you? Well I can play at this too," chirped Sideburn, sounding much too pleased. The blue hotrod immediately took off, engine gunning loudly. When Wedge didn't follow, Sideburn slowed a fraction. "What? Tired already? You're just no fun."

No fun? Tired? Unable to back down from such an accusation or challenge, Wedge inwardly grinned as he floor his accelerator. He could just picture Sideburn's shocked face as he whizzed passed the Viper.

"Aww man, little red corvette, you're mine!" crowed Sideburn as he roared after Wedge.

Wedge finally caught up to what Sideburn seemed to have deemed the finish line. No, even in this form he wasn't even close to winning a race against the youngest and fastest of the Car Brothers. Wedge's fans were kicking in full gear and his engine was steaming under his hood. Sideburn seemed barely phased at all.

He had to bite down a yelp as the other's front bumper nudged admiringly against his own. "You're not bad for a human car. Maybe I'll catch you later? Same place? My brothers are calling."

Before Wedge could even utter a response, Sideburn was brushing past him and disappearing into a space bridge portal.

The next few encounters were just as quick and fleeting, with a short surprising bumper rub by Sideburn and then an exhilerating race. No room for any words from anyone but the blue Viper and his cheesy lines and compliments. But...

"Mmmm they just don't make any like you!" proclaimed Sideburn one day, nuzzling his entire alt-mode against Wedge's own (if his team had been noticing the accumulating scrapes and scratches on his surface, they haven't said much). Wedge couldn't help but smile inwardly at the warm thrill that raced through his systems at the other's words.

Sideburn's engines let out a loud purr, signifying the Viper's readiness for their customary near-flight down the open stretch of road. Wedge grinned and jumped ahead without a warning. There was an amused laugh from Sideburn's direction and a blue blur whizzed by, pulling in sharply in front of Wedge, blocking off any opportunity to pass.

His confidence increased since their first meeting, Wedge closed the gap between them anyways. The yelp he received from Sideburn as he bumped playfully against the other's end bumper lent a delighted purr to Wedge's engine. Sideburn countered back quickly by swerving off to the side and coming back up behind Wedge's own end, bumping the bulldozer-turned-Corvette forward. Whatever laugh that may have bubbled up from Wedge's vocalizer was drowned out by the roar of both cars' engines and the sound of their tires ripping down the roadway.

This was it. This was why he tolerated Sideburn's funny advances and corny lines. He felt like an equal here. Back at base, everyone else treated him inadvertently like a rookie . But in this new form and with Sideburn asking no questions and expecting no answers from this unfamiliar red sports car...Wedge couldn't help but play eagerly into this strange role of silent dumb car.

"You're good," laughed Sideburn, somehow pitching his voice over the noise of their driving. "I don't know why, but I get the feeling that I kn--"

Whatever the Viper was trying to say was cut off at the sight of flashing lights in rear view mirrors and the high-pitched wail of sirens.

"Sideburn! Quite playing around, T-AI's been trying to call you on patrol for half an hour!"

The bottom to Wedge's fuel tank nearly dropped at the sound of Prowl's voice blaring from the police car's loudspeakers.

"Aww, Prowl. Can't you see I'm busy here?"

"You can play with the human cars later, you're lucky I don't impound you right here, right now!"

Both Wedge and Sideburn eased up on their speed, the Viper executing a screeching spin as he made to follow after his brother. "Catch yah later, 'right? Promise."

Wedge could only watch with a yearnful stare as Sideburn retreated back into the space bridge. Prowl no doubt filling the other's audios with what consequences their reckless actions might have caused...

"Wedge! Hey Wedge, where've you been, buddy? Missed you around base the last week."

The orange buildbot halted awkwardly in mid-step before turning haltingly back towards Sidebun. Said bot hurried to Wedge's side with a large grin plastered on his face. "O-oh, really?"

"Yeah, Prime said that your whole team was on leave. Any idea why?"

"W-well you kno--"

"You have no idea what you missed. I found the sweetest red sports car in the A-4 quadrant."

It took a lot of effort at that moment for Wedge not to make any sort of face. The end result was a rather stiff poker face. "You did?"

"Yeah, kinda reminded me of you now that I think about it. Coulda sworn I heard your voice coming from it a couple times," Sideburn chuckled and waved away the though. "How funny is that?"


"No replacement for the real thing though, eh? Though, I'd probably run circles around you if we ever tried to race," laughed Sideswipe as he slung an arm over Wedge's shoulders.

"You'd be surprised."

Now I'm thinking of all the time in between. Wonder if the Build Team experimented at all with this new body? ^_- or hey, maybe they keep it, just for amusement/future sake?

[User Picture]From: slackeremeritus
2007-08-18 07:15 am (UTC)
*snickerfits* Oh, Sideburn, you goofball.

And Wedge is so cute with that longing for the equal treatment (and solo attention?). One question: Did you mean "white ragtop" when you said "white covertop"?

Mmm, little red Corvette. Now I want to hear that song.
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[User Picture]From: darkfire_blade
2007-08-18 12:05 pm (UTC)
ahh, ragtop. That's what I meant yes. *goes off to fix* ^^ dankes for pointing that out to me.

Mmm yes, Wedge is looking for that solo attention. Sometimes I wonder if being part of a team and a gestalt makes being treated like an individual by people outside the team a bit tough?

:D I remember hearing that song on my trip. The white ragtop red Corvette is something I actually saw during my trip as well and *purrs* that was a pretty baby indeed.
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