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Half-Life (4/?) [Dec. 29th, 2007|12:47 pm]
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Title: Half-Life
Author: Darkfireblade aka Hellsfirescythe
Fandom: Transformers 2007 movie
Rating: PG-13 for violence and language
Characters/Pairings: Jazz, Ensemble
Summary: Re-awakening Jazz with the remaining piece of the Allspark had been the easy part. Dealing with its consequences and the aftermath of Mission City would open a whole new can of worms.
Notes/Warnings: post-movie, contains spoilers.

Chapter Four: Escape

Autobot med-bay in Headquarters, outskirts of Tranquility, Nevada

Silence. Heavy, thick, tense silence was what greeted the early dawn meeting when Ironhide learned of Jazz's problem. A silent black shadow was what trailed Ratchet back to the med-bay. No words were exchanged between the two veterans, none were needed.

For nearly half an hour, Ironhide stood like an imposing wraith in front of the OR window staring at Jazz's form. Ratchet left the mech to his own thoughts, Ironhide would speak when he was ready. Besides, Ratchet had to think of his own answers to the questions that would be brewing in the weapons specialist's mind.

Finally, the silence was broken by something other than the click clack of computer keys and the whoosh of hydraulics. "How long do we have?"

Ratchet glanced up from the computer screen to blink absently at the other. "Excuse me?"

"I asked: How long do we have? What about that question doesn't parse with you?" Ironhide's voice was practically a frustrated growl as he whirled around, stalking towards the engineer. Ratchet didn't shrink away from Ironhide's stormy approach.

"I find your trust in my abilities quite comforting," though Ratchet's voice remained casual, a tense ripple passed through his frame.

Ironhide stopped in his tracks, good eye blinking rapidly before sucking in a steady breath through his intakes. There was tense then awkward shuffling from Ironhide's direction before Ratchet felt a wave of hot air blast towards his direction: Ironhide's form of an angry sigh. "You know I didn't mean it that way."

"...I know," Ratchet pushed himself away from the computer screen and moved slowly towards Ironhide's side.

"I don't suppose we can just go in and blast Megatron out of there."

The sound of rushed gears and pistons moving betrayed Ratchet's astonished double take. "Ironhide--" he began, voice pitched in a warning tone.

"I know, I know. Just throwing the idea out before it actually processes," The matter of the suggestion was even tempting Ironhide wasn't brought up. Then again, blasting and slagging was how the weapons specialist was used to when dealing with problems--Decepticon related problems.

"I wish that it was that simple," murmured Ratchet as he turned back to the work-station. One tap brought up hundreds of lines of coding--hundreds of alien lines that grew from the few he had found earlier. The growth rate had slowed considerably after the set up of the quarantine...but...

"So?" Ironhide grunted.

"So what?" Ratchet glanced back at the black mech's stubbornly questioning gaze. He knew what Ironhide meant. Green shoulders sagged and Ratchet rolled his neck, seeking to undo any kinks and stiff joints that had built up over the day. "We have as long as Jazz gives us."

Ironhide's engine snarled, and Ratchet could practically feel the other's glare lance over his shoulder towards the lines of code. Towards the only evidence that they could see of Megatron. "Well, the lad had better hang in there. We've only just got him back, we aren't losing him again." Especially if it's to the same person they lost him to in the first place. No, losing this battle wasn't an option.

Funny they didn't know that Megatron felt the same way.

"--zz, Jazz, can you hear me?"

The world came into a painfully bright focus. Two points of brilliant blue looked down upon him through the sterile white, Jazz groaned and shook his head. Hands lit gently on his shoulders and Jazz complied to their pushes groggily. "Wha? What's going on?" He blinked again and finally saw the yellow. "Bumblebee?"

"Shh, I'm not supposed to be in here. Ratchet would blow a gasket if he found out," whispered Bumblebee making quieting gestures with his fingers. The scout still hadn't grown out of talking with his hands. "Just wanted to wish you good luck before I left."

"You're going somewhere? What's shaking?" Jazz attempted once more to sit up, to be eye-level with the other bot. The sudden flare of energy and tug at his limbs brought him back down. The energon restraints...he forgot about those. A darkly amused chuckle passed through his mind as quickly and quietly as a whisp of smoke.

A troubled sound makes its way out of Bumblebee's vocalizer before he spoke again. "We've got an Autobot signal close by and Optimus wants me to check it out. I might be out for a few days, might not."

"You better watch your aft out there. Don't make me regret not comin' with you," muttered Jazz. Both mechs laughed lightly, skillfully covering up their unease with the whole situation. "I'll be fine."

Bumblebee nodded and offered Jazz his semblance of a smile before disappearing from Jazz's line of sight.

He was alone again, alone and on-line with nothing but silence greeting this senses. Ratchet's familiar whirr of intakes was missing from the scene. A jittery tick developed in Jazz's foot, the need to move spread to the Lieutenant's fingers. Jazz was only slightly placated by the tunes emanating from his radio.

No one around to talk to. Nothing new to look at. Jazz checked his chronometer: 0800. It had been an hour since Bumblebee left. Ratchet still wasn't back.

"Hey, Jazz, you awake?"

The cautiously soft voice followed by the presence of two heat signatures on his sensors alerted Jazz to his new visitors. Head craning ever so slightly to get a view of them, Jazz offered a confused smile.

"Sam, Mikaela, I thought you left with Bumblebee."

"Nah, I think Bumblebee said he had something to do. I dunno, I was half asleep," shrugged Sam with a sheepish smile. Mikaela rubbed her eyes and nodded, still looking a little bleary. The human female also seemed to be quite preoccupied with something else on her mind. "Optimus said he'd give us a ride home. Don't know how inconspicuous that would be--I mean, it was great of him to offer but...you know what I mean."

Something akin to an odd recognition stirred in Jazz's mind as he nodded along to Sam's explanation. That's not odd, of course he'd recognize the two. But the surge of vengeful hatred that colored his vision red was something Jazz did not expect. The sight of the Autobot 2IC straining fitfully in his restraints was something Sam and Mikaela didn't seem to expect either.

"Jazz! Buddy you okay?"

"Sam, we've got to call Ratchet."

"Yeah, yeah you're right call Ratc--"

Whatever dialogue that started between the two humans faded to the back of Jazz's attention as a furious voice roared through his audios. [ Rip, rend, tear. Troublesome human. Witwicky! ]

"Jazz! What's wrong, talk to me!"

No! No not now! Jazz growled and shoved back at the presence attempting to force itself over him. 'You stay in that box Ratchet made for you!'

[ Out of my way, weakling! ]

'No, you get outta my way.'
With that and one great mental shove, Jazz collapsed back onto the unyielding surface of the operating slab. Everything was quiet save for the guttural growl of his engine and the choked sighs from the OR doorway--Mikaela and Sam.

"S'alright, don't worry. I'm good," Jazz panted.

"I don't know how you Autobots go about with things, but here on Earth, flailing around like that does not mean 'good', Jazz," Sam protested, disbelief very evident in his voice.

"I'll be okay. You two--I think you two should probably split. Optimus is probably lookin' for the both of yah," muttered Jazz, shifting back into what he hoped would be a more comfortable position--it wasn't-- that at the same time would kept Sam and Mikaela out of his line of sight. Even if he couldn't see them, the two humans were still quite audible. There was a bout of heated whispers before two pairs of footsteps started up and faded away, the med-bay door whooshing closed behind them.

Jazz sighed. Still no sign of Ratchet. Where was that big bot? The sound of something skittering around in the outside med-bay put Jazz's attention back on high alert. No way that could be Ratchet, a mech that big just didn't 'skitter'. In fact, Jazz was quite sure that a mech anything like Ratchet probably didn't do 'skitter'. The lieutenant strained up once more, craning his head to peer into the darkened med-bay...only to find the floor flying up to meet him as the expected forces of his restraints didn't hold him back.

Putting off the worry for his paint-job until later, Jazz picked himself off the ground and stared at the operating slab he had, just moments ago, been strapped to. No signs of the energon bonds that had held him down before. Malfunction? But...Ratchet's equipment didn't malfunction. The Doctor kept better specs than that. Intruder? But who?

With surprising fluidity and silence for a being of his size, Jazz glided across the floor, infrared sensors activated on 'High'. There was nothing but the hum of the med-bay's machinery and the steady pulse of the Allspark shard. The sound of metal 'skittering' again made Jazz whirl around. The med-bay doors whooshed open and close behind him. Another turn. Nothing.

Somewhere in the corner of Jazz's mind, he could hear Megatron's dark chuckle.

Further out on some country roads, a black Topkick revved testily after his Hummer companion. Any human passerby would have noticed the fitful swerves and sounds that were interchanged between the two. Fortunately, Ratchet and Ironhide didn't have to worry about witnesses, they were too busy dealing with each other and the news about Jazz.

"You pulled me out at a bad time, Ironhide. You know that?"

The black Topkick's engine made a rumbling sound that might have resembled a grumble. "I hear yah, I hear yah."

Ratchet's speed kicked up another notch, the bot was going to have to pay for all this acceleration some time later. Ironhide cursed as the emergancy lights came on, nearly fritzing out his optic sensors. He could barely hear Ratchet over the wailing sirens and wind, lucky for him Ratchet decided to switch over to radio. // ...I shouldn't have left. Oh for the Allspark I hope he hasn't gone and hurt himself. //

// You keep your fretting and you're going to pop a rivet. Jazz will be fine, he's got more than enough spunk to put Megatron back in his place, // Ironhide said in an attempt to calm the other down.

// What Sam and Mikaela said about Jazz's reaction to them does not warrent the lable of 'fine', // ground out Ratchet. // The paintjob could have waited. I was selfish. //

// You needed a fragging break, Ratchet. You've spent megacycles pouring over Jazz and that coding. Getting some time for yourself is not --//

// It put my patient in danger! That is inexcusable, // snapped Ratchet sharply. // This discussion is over, right now we need to focus on getting back to base and finding a way to help Jazz. //

At that moment, a white and blue sports car whizzed past them. Ratchet pulled hard on his brakes and immediately skidded around, Ironhide following quickly. "Oh for the love of...."

// Sam! Mikaela! Stat! //

// Ratchet? Oh my gosh, Ratchet is that you? Trouble here, big bot. Jazz just made a break for it and --- //

// Copied, I think he just passed us. Alert Prime immediately, Ironhide and I are on it right now. //

"Think we have some extra speed in these old chassis, Ironhide?"

"More than enough to chase down, two-bit punks."

With the sound of screeching tires along with the flash and wail of sirens, the black Topkick and the red and white emergency vehicle tore down the open roads after their runaway companion.

Author's note: Apologies for the delay in update. School and RPG have been eating up my life like nothing else and all November I had been tackling NaNoWriMo (finished it too ^^). Things are finally coming together for this story in my mind so hopefully, updates won't take as long. Thanks for staying with me here, couldn't do it without you guys.

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[User Picture]From: jazzbot8907
2007-12-30 06:42 am (UTC)
awesome ficcy...i totally love it and can't wait until the next chapter...keep up the good work ^^
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[User Picture]From: darkfire_blade
2007-12-31 11:52 pm (UTC)
Thanks ^^ I'm glad you liked it. I'm definitely going to try getting the next chapter out faster than I did this one. XD
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From: necolejorp
2013-02-17 12:35 pm (UTC)
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