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28 Perceptors: Greedy - Ordered Rambles [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Ordered Rambles

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28 Perceptors: Greedy [Sep. 16th, 2007|06:39 pm]
~*Organized Rambles*~ Fanfiction Page


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Title: Research
Author: Darkfire_blade
For: 28 Perceptors “Greedy Perceptor” prompt
Fandom: TF: G1
Rating: G
Characters/Pairings: Perceptor
Summary: It’s 1985 and Perceptor has just been assigned as the Autobot’s human specialist. With the Internet still in its baby stages, how does one get information?
Notes/Warnings: Oh goodness, I never thought that standardized testing would ever hand me a story idea. But it did. Prompt requested by ravynfyre. Takes place right after Season One.

“I don’t think– ”

“Hey what’s the big deal?!”

“Madame, I’m looking for the reference section.”

“Daddy, what’s the big robot doing?”

“–my term paper!”

“Why’s this line taking so long?”

“I can’t find the reference section!”

“–half missing.”

“How can he see over all that?”

The hubbub of voices died down slowly as staff and security guards carefully split the crowd.

Behind the check-out counter, the librarian glanced up in shock as a mountain of books floated towards her. Its carrier was nearly unrecognizable if it wasn’t for what looked like a large red telescope poking over it all.

“I do hope I’m not making any trouble,” said a slightly disembodied voice.

“Sir...these books can’t be checked out.”

A black helm peered over the thick tomes, the metallic face somehow conveying a look of confusion. “Why not? This is a library isn’t it? The function of which is to loan out books.” The tone of the Autobot isn’t condescending, but more like someone who isn’t quite sure if they’re stating the obvious.

“Yes, yes this is, sir. But those books can not be checked out. They’re for use in the library only, so others have easy access to them as well.”

The look of confusion melted into something that resembled startled disappointment. It’s honestly shocking, the ability these robots have to mimic real emotions.

“I suppose I’ll return these items to where I found them...” With those woeful words said, the Autobot stepped away, lifting the pile as if it was nothing at all– no, correction: he lifted the pile like some sort of lost treasure– and returned back into the depths of the building.

Thus, the library regained all of their reference section. That’s in addition to gaining a regular presence of a soon-to-be-famous scientist in the building. But that’s another story for another time.